Temple Recession

Temple Recession

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Temple recession is an area which often causes great concern, but actually many people are unaware what they can do about it. Till recently, most people considered this to be something they would have to live with, but not anymore.

The lack of fullness originates from the fact that this area has a relatively deep hollow space, coupled with thinning of muscle with age, it can cause quite distinct changes in the persons facial silhouette and can be quite distressing. These features tend to be deemed less attractive and associated with aging and poor health. People have even changed their hair styles to hide this region to avoid unnecessary embarrassment from it

Here at My Skin Clinic, our fully trained Medical Doctors can help you alleviate and soften those deep temple regions and add volume and magnitude to your facial contours. Feel rest assured that at the consultation, we will talk you through the procedure and have you leave with the recessions being a distant memory.

Treatment options include:

Dermal Filler

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